Things you should know....

Footprints to Recovery is a sober living recovery residence environment that is dedicated to the 12-Step recovery programs of various Anonymous groups and the spiritual principles in which they advocate. Men and women will learn to live in a responsible and productive manner in and outside of their respective communities and households and to maintain a full and joy filled life within the bounds of  recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. 

Relapse Prevention class

The staff at Footprints to Recovery takes you through a relapse prevention workbook and they teach you how to handle real-life situations without having to turn to drugs and alcohol for a solution.

Co-Dependency Class

We take an interactive approach to teaching the women how to develop healthy boundaries in relationships.

Deposit and Fees

$200 Entrance Fee/Deposit

$160/175 per week

Entrance Fee plus 1st week's program fee is required upon entry.


I truly believe Footprints was and still is my saving grace. It's my home and for the first time I feel like I belong. I can share my experience, strength, and hope with so many ladies. It is so true that they say we don't ever have to be alone again. I've struggled a lot through this program due to my unwillingness to surrender. Over a year ago I finally surrendered. I re-entered Footprints with 4 months clean. During my time here in Nashville, I have lived in the transitional house, the step-house, and now reside in one of the sober living houses. I have truly grown up at Footprints. I was a scared little girl and Footprints believed in me. My life today is so much different than before. I have self-respect and I'm proud of myself and my achievements. I owe it all to Footprints to Recovery.

Lindsey R.

 I am a drug addict and an alcoholic. The disease of alcoholism caused me to lose everything worthwhile in my life. I was a desperate man who had lost all hope. I had nowhere to turn, so I contacted Footprints and asked for help. Footprints has offered me the ability to gain some structure in my life and develop friendships with the men in the house who are also trying to recover from the disease of alcoholism and addiction. I am grateful to stay in a safe environment that provides a chance for growth.

Thomas P.

What our customers are saying

Before entering into Footprints to Recovery I could not manage my own life. I did not have a job and my children were not involved in my life. I lost my self worth, and I had lost sight of my morals and values. Since coming to Footprints: I have obtained a career, my children are actively involved in my life, and I have gained my self-worth back. I value my recovery and who I am today, thanks to Footprints.

Carla P. 

Since I have arrived at Footprints To Recovery through the help of others, a lot of hard work on my part and by the grace of God, I have obtained a stable job, a phone, a car, and I am paying my bills. More importantly, I have found a place where I am being held accountable and helping others stay accountable so we can grow together. I am learning humility and forgiveness, and working to gain the forgiveness of others I have wronged. I have learned, only I can change my life, no one can do it for me— and taking ownership of that idea has made me excited about where my life can take me.

John T.