Our Mission Statement

The staff at Footprints to Recovery believe in giving our clients the best environment to grow mentally, physically, and spiritually. Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity, respect, and professionalism. This is our principal belief in operating Footprints as you enter into sober living environment where residents and staff work together. 

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About us....

Footprints to Recovery is a residential recovery community for women and men seeking recovery, who are working a 12-step program with a sponsor, and are ready to proceed to the next level of their recovery. Footprints is designed as the next step towards living on your own. The homelike facilities in South Nashville, Donelson,  and Brentwood offer accountability and structure to fit the individual needs.

Meet our Staff

Phyllis Abuan

Program Director

Phyllis Abuan is the founder and current proprietor of Footprints to Recovery. She has more than fifteen years working in and among twelve step recovery programs and founded Footprints to Recovery nearly a decade ago. She currently teaches a peer-to-peer codependency class at our women's residence and has done extensive work with other addicts and alcoholics inside and outside of hospitals and treatment centers alike. She is a woman who has dedicated her life to helping others and is deeply compassionate to the plight of those who suffer from this disease.

Kerryn Johns CPRS


Kerryn Johns found her passion in recovery housing with Footprints to Recovery as manager for one of our women's houses. She has been working with men and women still struggling with alcoholism and addiction for the last six years. After leaving Footprints to pursue her career working in a treatment center, she remained involved by teaching our codependency class every week. She has been very involved in service work and working with 12 step programs around Davidson county and at the state level. Thankfully, Kerryn found her way back to Footprints as our Operations Manager a few years ago and continues to further her education and is currently working on  her LADAC.

Jessi Cashion CPRS


Jessi Cashion started her journey at Footprints to Recovery as a client of the program over two years ago. She stayed involved in her recovery by starting the first CMA meeting in Nashville and completing Davidson County Recovery Court. After graduating the Footprints program, she became a house manager  for one of out women's houses and began teaching Relapse Prevention, went on to teach Co Dependency every week. Jessi began working as our Facilities Coordinator in 2020 and has truly found her passion in helping other alcoholics and addicts. She has continued to  teach Co Dependency every week and stay involved in her 12 step program.